RMT’s Steve Headley exposed

Please read RMTs Steve Headley’s facebook rant about the DFLA first before reading our response:


I think that my favourite quote of all time has to be by Dr Martin Luther King who said, “We must come to see, that the end we seek, is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscious. That will be a day not of the black man, nor of the white man, but man as man.”

For me, this is the epitome of the DFLA saying “Against All Extremism”

I believe that with all my heart and it is something that drives me to this day.

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DFLA & Stormin Norman McGuigan visits PTSD veteran on hunger strike

Yesterday I accompanied  Stormin Norman McGuigan of MINDS AT WAR organisation, champion of veterans suffering PTSD that have been let down by our government and ministry of defence, to visit Paratroop veteran Gus Hales a PTSD patient who is on hunger strike and camping outside charity Combat Stress’s Audley Court treatment centre in Newport Shropshire.  Norman was intending to talk down Gus who has vowed to hunger strike until Remembrance Sunday on November 11th if he survives that long in this bitterly cold weather on the Welsh borders. Gus is risking his life in order to raise awareness of the treatment of veterans suffering PTSD, and in particular the failings of veterans charity Combat Stress, who are annual recipients of tens of millions of pounds of government and private funding. There have long been question marks over the efficacy of how Combat Stress is being operated despite the good work they do still provide in helping some veterans.

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Wetherspoons exposed! Outrageous treatment of blind veteran for wearing a poppy.

Following the outrageous event at Wetherspoons Knights Templar pub in Chancery Lane on Tuesday this week where a blind PTSD suffering and decorated veteran, accompanied by his assistance dog was unceremoniously chucked out for various reasons including “your dog might attack other customers”, “you’re wearing a poppy” and “you look like a Tommy Robinson supporter”, the management even refused a drink of water for the beautiful assistance dog, incensed veteran and champion of PTSD suffering fellow veterans Norman McGuigan made a visit to Wetherspoons Headquarters in Watford to demand answers to the nasty behaviour of one of their flagship pub landlords and at the same time try to get to the bottom of the pub chain’s much maligned policy regarding not serving customers wearing poppies, and their support in general of the annual RBL poppy appeal.

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Tommy Robinson trial, photos, videos and that statement.

Well you must have had your head well buried in the sand today if you didn’t hear about the latest trial date of Tommy Robinson.
Stage, sound system, speakers shipped in from around the world including Ezra Levant from Canada’s Rebel Media, Jewish activist Avi Yemeni all the way from Australia, as well as veterans RB Inman, Norman McGuigan and a host of others including UKIP leader Gerard Batten.
I think never before has London’s highest Criminal Court had such a carnival taking place outside its doors for a defendant on trial. Wow strange times indeed and will surely be in the history books in years to come.

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The Fantastic Fifteen take back Speakers Corner

Since 1872 following an act of parliament this sacred part of Hyde Park close to Marble Arch Underground Station has become a world renowned location as the birthplace of free speech. Over the years historic figures such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and George Orwell were known to frequent the area to enjoy the freedom to say whatever they wanted to say, as long as it was within the law.

Prior to that it had been home to the infamous Tyburn Gallows where during its dark existence more than 50,000 people had met an untimely death there. Those poor souls that experienced their final moments there were allowed to make a final speech, some confessed and some protested their innocence and that is how the area originally got its name Speakers Corner and became known as a place of public gatherings to listen to peoples last speech and the Christian ministers & evangelists speaking the last rights spreading the Word of God.

London demo – Police brutality it’s a reality – writing was on the wall at Sunderland.

The writing was on the wall at the DFLA Sunderland demo in support of the Justice For The Women Campaign with the police set up that caused an unnecessary storm in a teacup., but Saturdays London demo just proved beyond any doubt that the uniform bullies are being directed from above with an agenda to create mayhem that discredits us and labels us racist far right fascists.. Continue reading London demo – Police brutality it’s a reality – writing was on the wall at Sunderland.