After a spike in sexual assaults and rapes recently the women in Sunderland have had enough of living in fear and have organised a couple of small demo’s to raise awareness of the situation. Unfortunately their concerns have not been suficiently addressed by the local council and police service so they reached out to the DFLA for help and advice as they had heard of some of our previous success at making change happen in towns like Telford and Rochdale.

Two of the DFLA action against sex crimes team were invited by the local DFLA Sunderland Division to come and hear first hand from the lasses that have been brave enough to put themselves out there and organised the previous actions.

Our team unfortunately discovered a number of burning issues that need to be addressed urgently and advised a plan of action that concerened members of the community should take to ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and demand action from yet another northern town with a labour run council that just not seem to give a damn about the safety of its women and children.

We are helping to organise community meetings where members of the public are invited to come and share their experiences of crime they have been victims of or witnessed, so that we can document a full picture of what people are suffering to present to the council and demand action to make everyone safe.

We will combine the public feedback with our own research and produce documents to be hand delivered to the police and the council when we arrive en masse to support the women and children of Sunderland for a DFLA demo on 15th September. We will require written responses to our demands for change and will act accordingly upon receipt of those replies.

A full report will follow.

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