About the DFLA

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) was formed following the 2017 terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, as a working class voice against social, economic and political injustice.

The DFLA objective is plain and simple – to combat terrorism and extremism.

The prevention of extremism and protection of the public in this country is not good enough. Government refusal and failure to tackle the roots of extremism which results in terrorist attacks is not good enough. Leaders and authorities failure to protect our Freedom of Expression and right to free speech is not good enough. A new generation walking among us with no regard for British Law or Values or Traditions while implementing their own anarchic standards is not good enough.

The DFLA shuns the failed extremist politics particularly far-left and far-right groups with hidden agendas faking working class interests. We are anti- racist and anti-violence with no intention of seeking a political position but every intention of seeking justice based on what is right and wrong. We are not seeking to alienate any demographic but are seeking to bring to justice anyone who believes they are above the laws of this land and the values and traditions of our Country.

The DFLA opposes all forms of bigotry and sectarianism while embracing all sections of our society seeking to lobby, peacefully protest and hold to account Central & Local Government and all authority failing to protect and serve us as a Nation.

Justice must be served on those living among us who create terror with extreme values and behaviour – whatever their motive. The protection of our children’s future is paramount. We will not tolerate the escalating modern scourges of grooming, gang rape and street crime – both from offenders and those in authority who hide or deny their existence.

The DFLA believes in Freedom of Expression and intends to defend our right to free speech and responsibly use our freedom to campaign and debate our core beliefs and values within this mission statement. Members and allies are encouraged to positively contribute and debate to the growth and progression of our Alliance with respect to the course set out in this mission statement. This is the DFLA.

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