Demo – Justice 4 the women and children of Sunderland 4th August 2018

Red Pill Phil does us proud again today with his video coverage of the demo in Sunderland. Organisers Tasha,  Dayni, Sharon, Cath, Sunderland DFLA leaders Keith and Jason, and their wider team done Sunderland proud as well in committing to this, bravely putting themselves out there, and pulling together speakers and supporters from all over the country to attend today.
Speakers included Toni Bugle of MARIAS organisation, who is a seasoned campaigner against sexual abuse and an unsung hero that has been supporting victims and survivors for years.
DFLA members and other patriots from all over the country made the long journey to show their support to the people of Sunderland and to spread the word that the DFLA are coming to Sunderland on the 15th September to let the people of Sunderland know, and to let the council and police service of Sunderland know that the fantastic people of Sunderland and the North East are not alone in their struggle to raise awareness of the frightening circumstances where vulnerable  women and children are currently living in fear of rape, sexual assault and intimidation on a daily basis as they go about their everyday lives.   This fear is constant, realistic, overpowering and affects everyone that is a potential victim or family and loved one of a potential victim. People have to re-order their daily lives to ensure safety from rape and sexual assault.

This is not acceptable. The circumstances leading up to the reality of this situation by the local planners and decision makers in the council and police force shows they have clearly not thought this through with safeguarding locals as a priority.

It proves a lack of care, an abrogation of the inherent duty of care to its citizens where the elected governing authority should be duty bound to consider  its citizen safeguarding responsibilities.

Have the local Labour council  become so comfortable in their position as city leaders,  due to the unquestioning historical Labour loyalty of the majority  North East working class?

Have local Labour councillors in their arrogance taken for granted the support of their loyal working class  supporters, and now do not even consider the potential negative impact that their virtue signalling placement of unrealistic numbers of mainly male asylum seekers, may have on the safety and mental health of women and children of Sunderland.

I suggest that in their rush to fulfill their own political agenda to counter what they say is far right racism, but is in reality the common sense concerns of normal everyday citizens and patriot groups and activists, the people who actually feel and suffer the effects of uncontrolled and unplanned placement of unrealistic numbers of asylum seekers and economic migrants into our communities, I say that Labour is no longer the party of the working class, but is instead the party that cares not for the real people of this country. Labour have become this unrecognisable mess where traditional values of putting the majority working class first have become secondary to the growing influence and political priorities of the bullying and over bearing Marxist influence that the infiltration of Momentum has successfully been instilling across the party.

This on top of the obvious desire from Labour and its far left cohorts and European allies to create some virtue signalling haven and “accept all” immigration policy in Europe, with no consideration to the life changing / life ruining realities for our women and children  that result from the cultural clash being imposed upon us, again proves that Labour councils locally  and indeed Conservative  central government as well, just don’t give a damn about us.

In future articles we will explain about what is really behind this mass movement of people from North Africa and the Middle East,
[Barcelona Declaration  and the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, Google it if you are interested] but for now we have to deal with thecurrent  reality of mass uncontrolled immigration of people from a completely incompatible culture.

In Sunderland now, Labour control our systems of governance, security and future development.  Labour councillors have approved the  uncontrolled placement of high numbers of male asylum seekers into small areas without any strategic planning and consideration of the safety of the local residents, which has lead to a rapid increase in sex attacks and rapes. Women and children are just not safe in their own neighbourhoods.

This is unnacceptable and we must join together to demand changes to the corrupt and uncaring system that our women and children living in fear of rape and sexual abuse.

More to come on this subject.

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