Child sexual exploitation and gang grooming

rochdale headline

The DFLA supports towns and groups across the UK that are suffering from or fighting against the disease of gang grooming. This disgusting cultural phenomena has been systematically covered up for decades by mainly Labour councils and their police stooges in the hope of retaining their Muslim block vote and remain politically correct, showing complete cowardliness with their fear that they may be deemed to be racist for tackling a problem where children are groomed, raped, trafficked, tortured and even killed by gangs that are made up of predominately Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslim men. Now we all know white British men including politicians and church representatives also groom and abuse children but they are chased down by the press, the police and independent hunter groups in most cases. It is normally only the privileged class that have the “get out of jail free cards” in white British society, but it is a fact that the despicable crimes against our children by gangs of mainly Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslim men are covered up and allowed to spread like a cancer through our country for decades now purely on the basis that the rapist gangs are Muslims.

We abhor child abuse and exploitation by evil perverts and organised criminals of all races and religions and we will do what we can to expose all perpetrators, but at the moment there is this one group that are being allowed to get away with it by mostly Labour councils and in the full knowledge of our uncaring Conservative government due to political correctness. Children raped in the name of political correctness? This is treason!
We aim to correct that evil manifestation with research and actions where ever we find evidence of it.

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