Response to feminist media article targeting DFLA

Here at the DFLA bunker it is a hive of activity as we gear up for Sunderland on the 15th. I walk into the office and hang up my bowler hat and brolly and sit at my desk. Pigeons are flying in through every window, bringing messages in from far and wide, various admins contacting HQ, Group messages flying to various regions. It’s all go! There is the secret knock on my floor boards. I pull it up, a little furry face looks up at me, it’s Miranda the mole. No words just a nod, and a salute, I am handed a sheet of paper and Miranda goes back out into the field. I sigh. No wonder why, with our messenger pigeons and moles, people claim that the DFLA are up in the air and underground.

I look at the paper in front of me, it is from the Womens Strike Assembly (WSA). It seems they are annoyed about the DFLA and our plans for a London day of Action on the 13th.

They start of factually enough stating that summer has gone, but there the facts end as they say, “but the far right have not gone away! “ (To be fair I was not aware they had arrived!) but it swiftly becomes apparent how deadly serious they are, how deluded they are and how warped their thinking is.

They ask, “Why do the far right use the terms “Grooming gangs” and “industrial scale abuse” for Asian and Muslim men?

Well let me answer that, we don’t.

Those terms were used by left wing media news outlets. So not only are they your people and our enemies, but they also share your political views. Why are you attributing left wing reporting to a right wing group? Another thing, is the use of the word “Grooming gangs” Grooming is when a vile person meets a girl or boy who is under age and emotionally and mentally prepares them for sex so that as soon as they reach age of consent, sex can take place. There are no grooming gangs, there are only rape gangs who rape girls and boys as young as 9, and those evil bastards are all colours and races. So the term Grooming Gang is a lie.

You then claim that we make no mention of the abuse of the Catholic Church or international sporting teams, obviously you picked on these as you think they are patriarchal. But again, you are wrong. If you were to stand back and be genuinely interested in the plight of victims you would see we condemn everybody, be they religious or atheist. Indeed it is the left wing media who highlighted the races of the rapists, it is the DFLA who are highlighting the fact that the victims are all races and all colours, it is the DFLA who have highlighted the fact that both councillors and police were involved in the abuse and actively encouraged it, it is the DFLA who see the reality of the horror. It is the left who are ignoring the fact that black and Asian girls have been raped and abused, it is the left who say only white girls have been raped and abused. What a horrible inherent racist view to have!

Your next statement, you simply condemn yourselves. You openly state, “we know that sexual assault and abuse aren’t isolated acts of violence, rape culture is rampant and widespread”

So you admit you know. You admit you know but have failed to act. Where has been your outrage? Where has been your public condemnation? Where has been your marches, your days of action, your demand for justice, your demands for investigations and debate on a horrid act?

You knew and did nothing, well actually you knew and did something!

Your left wing councils covered up the abuse and allowed it to continue, you kept silent, scared that you may be accused of being racist, which shows that even though the victims were black, white and Asian, all you would consider are the white victims and “Asian” criminals. Your racist brain thinking you could not speak out on this race issue, except as proven, it was not a race issue, it was a horrid issue of rape and abuse against women and children.

You silenced debate, any dissent was met with cry of the oh so repeated “Racist!” Ways to combat what was going on were silenced, no action could be taken, no preventative measures put in place, because you claimed anyone who spoke out was racist, bigoted, prejudiced or right wing.

You became your own worst enemy, and as you ignored the issue, as you silenced the debate more and more victims were created, more and more girls were raped. As you happily sat in your help groups and explained to your fellow sisters how tears of joy ran down your cheek as you overcome sexism by insisting on being called “Ms” you ignored the screams, cries and blood running down the thighs of a 13 year old girl as she was raped repeatedly by men.

You knew? Yet you did nothing, in fact you allowed women to be raped in the fake view that you were righteous, that those who spoke out were racist.

You have created the environment that allowed it to continue and helped them. You even show complete ignorance to the fact that boys and men have been raped.

You take a mocking tone and hint that you do not need protecting. Yet this shows how wrong your attitude is, as you also claim to be victims. Are you saying victims do not need protecting? What an incredulous statement to make.

You claim rape and abuse is widespread and normalised. So why are you scared to allow open and honest debate on a normalised subject? It has only become widespread and normalised through cover ups by left wing councils and the closing down of freedom of speech.

You claim the WSA are mobilising in London to oppose the DFLA, you call on all feminists regardless of gender to oppose the football lads alliance.

You claim that you will “disrupt the far rights attempts to use your experiences of sexual violence for our racial agenda”

There is no racial agenda, but you will aim to disrupt a march that is full of men and women who demand justice for all victims of rape, regardless of gender, age, race or religion?

A pointless statement as you have used your views to silence debate, to prevent counter measures, to save women and children from rape, as has been proven, you created more victims. Your insistence on cover ups and denying freedom of speech aided and abetted further rape. You are the people who know…… But you sat silent and allowed it to continue.

You claim “it is time to put an end to the lie that white women are victims and all perpetrators are black or Asian men! “

Yes, yes it is! However, those headlines are pushed by a left wing media, not by the DFLA.

So not only do you silence debate and create more rape, you fail to see where the headlines come from. To add flavour to your mix you assume we are racist by failing to acknowledge that all women, regardless of race, are victims of rape.

You fail to admit that it is impossible for us to be racist as we demand justice for all victims regardless of their race or religion.

You fail to admit we cannot be racist when we call for all beasts and nonces to face the full wrath of justice regardless of their race or religion.

You want to see real feminists? You will on the 13th, because they will be marching with us, they are not scared of being called racist, they are not scared of standing up for truth, for reality, for justice. The women who march with us do not need to be told they are equal, they know they are equal, our women do not have time to argue for equal rights, they have them already.

Our women will stand with us, they will not call for support from other groups, they are our group, proud and strong, outspoken and intelligent. Unlike you they are not frightened of open and honest debate, they are not frightened and have no false pretence of protection, for the fact is, we protect each other.


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