PTSD KILLS – LONDON DEMO – The war on veteran suicide starts at home

PTSD KILLS – LONDON DEMO – The war on veteran suicide starts at home

 SATURDAY 20th October 12pm meet at Leicester Square.
March at 1pm to M.O.D. buildings in Whitehall

Peaceful protest to highlight the plight of veterans and epidemic of suicide

 Coming home doesn’t mean their war is over, for some veterans it means a new battle begins and for many the invisible injuries can be just as hard to cope with as the physical ones yet they go unnoticed until it is too late. Veteran suicide rates will shock you, more than one every two weeks in the UK. There are 7500 veterans homeless in the UK and since the Falklands war in 1982 we have lost more veterans to suicide than we lost in the Falklands war.


The UK has lost 42 veterans of the armed Forces to suicide that we know about since January of this year . The youngest being 28 years of age. The first one to commit suicide this year was Nathan Hunt a close friend of HRH Prince Henry . Since the onset of his suicide many veterans are following the same path with PTSD a silent killer.

Organised by Norman McGuigan himself a veteran who served 1
st Batallion Light Infantry, and who has been campaigning for the last 4 years for veterans suffering from PTSD and homelessness, we are marching on Saturday 20th October in London to call for the MOD to do more to tackle this epidemic. 

Platform Speakers on the day will be :


Gerard Batten – UKIP leader

Nick Wilson – First Step Foward (Mental Health professional)

Ann Marie Waters – For Britain party

Lee Sansum – former personal protection officer to HRH The Princess of Wales . Lady Diana .

Mike Hookem – MEP and former Defence Spokesman

Angela Ashbrook – Suicide Intervention Specialist

Norman McGuigan – Veteran

Veteran Cpl. David Bates – PTSD patient

Neil Wayman – The Way Forward

Richard Treadway – DFLA

Dave Moreland – Veteran and former Met Police Officer – UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman

RB Inman – Veteran


Veterans need our support NOW. Please come and join us to march together with veterans and civilians to raise awareness of the issue and demand action from the MOD.


We need boots on the ground and in large numbers, please make the effort and encourage others to do the same. They fought for us, let’s fight for them!!
Muster point is large green area in Leicester Square, from there we will march sharpish at 1pm to Horseguards Avenue and on to MOD main building Whitehall Avenue.


NEAREST TUBE STATION IS LEICESTER SQUARE where there will be stewards directing people.


Saturday 20th October, Leicester Square, London WC2H 7DE 12pm meet.

March to Whitehall at 1pm.




For any further information, interviews or to arrange to attend the demo please do not hesitate to contact Norman McGuigan on 07415 415 089



Norman McGuigan – Veterans Association Light Infantry Royal Scott’s


Further Information


From information gained from various large charities such as combat stress C4C and H4H the amount of calls for help has increased due to the recent conflicts from the theatre of war. The problem is the veterans from all Tri services are not able to get treatment from those mentioned above. There are many reasons to why ! Mainly due to the use of recreational drugs and the demon bottle of drink. Since the launch of the AFC announced by David Cameron then prime minister 2015 he promised help to all who served. Today I and many hundred of thousands believe that the AFC is failing the. The government then announced Veterans Gateway a one stop for veterans to gain access to help, however this is another failure and nothing more than an operated help line to direct veterans to other charities . A mega flop as far as veterans associations are concerned. As we look into the full scale of PTSD on social Media and in written reports in national press, the bigger picture of PTSD is massive right across the board. Not only with military service but also for civilians who serve fire police and ambulance . Veterans and civilians believe that more should be done on this killer PTSD and for the causes of suicide on the whole. Our objective from this demo march is to ensure that we give the Secretary of State for defence a wakey wakey call at the MoD. Upon waking Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson up to this massive PTSD epidemic we hope to see the necessary changes urgently. We need to change how the Armed Forces deal with those that need help . We need to be able to prioritise how treatment is given .




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Norman McGuigan speaking


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