London demo – Police brutality it’s a reality – writing was on the wall at Sunderland.

The writing was on the wall at the DFLA Sunderland demo in support of the Justice For The Women Campaign with the police set up that caused an unnecessary storm in a teacup., but Saturdays London demo just proved beyond any doubt that the uniform bullies are being directed from above with an agenda to create mayhem that discredits us and labels us racist far right fascists..

Contrary to the evidence of past DFLA marches where in total 100,000 mainly working class football supporters have attended and where there has been zero violence, zero arrests, zero racist chanting, and zero racial attacks,  the traitor British government has jumped on the rancid left wing media bandwagon and classified us as racists and “the new EDL”.  The puppet masters have instructed their thugs in uniforms to co-ordinate the chain of events at our demos where Antifa’s violent masked terrorists alongside their lovey leftist lunatic bed mates under the guise of “counter demonstrators” are allowed to position themselves in the path of the peaceful DFLA demonstrators,  spitting vile slurs in that really schoolchild way that do, labelling the peaceful demonstrators as fascists and racists when the fact is they couldn’t be further from the truth.
It is a really nasty label for us DFLA members that are not racist and I personally detest this label, as I am a fervent anti fascist, anti racist, anti bully, and  I see racism as a form of bullying.
But truth be told there are a small number amongst the DFLA members that are quick to defend themselves, their “working class status” or “football lad” category with angry posturing and loud shouting, and are always ready for a fight when attacked.
You will notice though that there is never any trouble unless we are attacked by the terrorist Antifa scum who are our sworn enemies, not because we are fascist but because they themselves are fascists disguising themselves as anti fascists. They are rape apologists in bed with our other sworn enemies commies, marxists and radical islamists who all want to change our country and way of life subservient to a totalitarian diktat.
Situations like this where we are set up for the cameras to capture and propagate the false narratives of our treacherous MSM and government,  play completely into the hands of the government. A government who were so completely shitting themselves this time last year when 70,000 of us took them by surprise and marched in peace in co-ordination on the streets of London, and woke them up to the stark realisation that the “peasants are revolting”. They have been lucky since then with the original FLA  leader’s fraudulent and inept management causing the split and eventual resurrection of the FLA as the DFLA resulting with numbers falling off significantly, and since then ego’s fracturing and stifling the movement  further. Now they are administering what they think is the death blows – by labelling us as racists and a re-incarnation of the EDL, allowing  Soros’ stooge leftie scum to gang up and face off in our police approved marching routes, followed by police brutality from their  weaponised bullies in uniforms, creating martyrs of our lads at the front as camera fodder for their PR drive. No doubt the end game is to stop  peaceful working class citizens from joining our media blanked  demonstrations, and create such a resentment between us and the bully boys in blue, that state their state sponsored violence and public counter violence grows to such an extent that they have an excuse to shut down our street demos.
If we as a group cannot see this happening under our baton bruised noses and act accordingly to take away the ammunition of negative publicity they love to use against us then we might as well go back to the pub round the corner on Saturday afternoons and watch the results come in between bets and lines in the carsey.
Time to wake up methinks, because the reason we formed in the first place is still there, and laughing at us, growing like a cancer in the background when it is not blowing us up.
The fact is though that yes DFLA members do have a problem with radical Islam, and fear for the future of our children under the Sharia rule of radical Islam. However DFLA being made up of normal working class lads that have throughout their lives come to hate politicians and politics because of well versed reasons, and have therefore not practiced and polished political argument. It does not make us racist if we fear political expansionist radical Islam and murderous Sharia law.
But we all know what is happening to our society alongside austerity, and the completely irrational uncontrolled invasion by people that hate us. We do  not blame austerity on Muslims, we blame it on a disasterous Labour precursor to the current Tory fiasco. we have grown up with peace loving Muslims all our lives, but we do fear radical Islamists and jihadis from war torn countries. That does not make us racist. Let us be clear and stop another common misconception fueled  by the few that get the majority  mislabeled. We do not hate all Muslims. We do not hate those we have grown up with nor those that want to assimilate and live peacefully alongside us. But we all do have a problem with radical political Islam and the ideology that condemns people to death for not believing in Allah, or for criticizing some of the totalitarian scripture laid down by Mohamed pbuh, or for finding love outside a loveless marriage, for being gay, for having the audacity to say hold on I think this religion stinks I am not falling for this bullying bollocks any more, I don’t want to be a Muslim and everything that comes with it.
And yes we do have a problem with brown skinned Muslim child rape gangs just like we do with white or christian child rapists, the only difference being is we can talk about white child rapists, we can arrest them, write press articles about them and talk about them on Facebook, whereas our lunatic coward left and central government, with it’s common purpose cronies in the police, councils and social services all think we should shut up about Muslim child rapists in the name of diversity, they think its ok that collateral damage in their pathetic traitor appeasement of Islamic Saudi and Qatari investment, and their furtherance of the ambitions of the European Parliament globalist agenda with its Barcelona Declaration to obliterate white European culture and skin colour by flooding our shores with cheap Islamic labour, is worth the price of the rape, torture and murder of our children. And yes we do have a problem with the scum in masks and their Marxist leftie arrogant middle class prats they gang up with. But that does not make us racist.
 A change of tack is necessary from the DFLA and it’s about time it happens.  I think it is time for mass information and knowledge of what is happening to our continent and which is  being suppressed. The time for street demos will come again, but right now information is more powerful.  Watch this space.

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