The Fantastic Fifteen take back Speakers Corner

Since 1872 following an act of parliament this sacred part of Hyde Park close to Marble Arch Underground Station has become a world renowned location as the birthplace of free speech. Over the years historic figures such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and George Orwell were known to frequent the area to enjoy the freedom to say whatever they wanted to say, as long as it was within the law.

Prior to that it had been home to the infamous Tyburn Gallows where during its dark existence more than 50,000 people had met an untimely death there. Those poor souls that experienced their final moments there were allowed to make a final speech, some confessed and some protested their innocence and that is how the area originally got its name Speakers Corner and became known as a place of public gatherings to listen to peoples last speech and the Christian ministers & evangelists speaking the last rights spreading the Word of God.
The scene of many a protest over the years due to peoples ability to speak freely and congregate including agitators and rebels such as the suffragettes it has become known around the world as a bastion of civil liberties and the birthplace of free speech.
Unfortunately though in recent years those freedoms that we enjoy in our country have allowed a sinister development where some Islamic preachers abuse those freedoms to spread their message of hatred and religious superiority and intolerance at Speakers Corner making it a breeding ground and recruiting ground for radical Islam and jihadists.
Known jihadis’ & ISIS supporters and followers of Anjem Choudary the recently released founder of proscribed hate organisation al-Muhajiroun aSalafi Wahabi organization are regularly seen in the now Muslim majority crowd that has taken over Speakers Corner particularly on Sunday afternoons.
In recent months they have reduced the previously family friendly environment to an intimidating male only area where the etiquette of previous centuries has been replaced by an uncomfortable and bullying experience where Christian preachers, Sikhs, and women are incessantly heckled, assaulted, or forced out of the park.
It is by no means the way of every Muslim there as many come to peacefully enjoy the same freedoms and discuss religious politics amongst themselves and followers of other faiths, but it seems that the 90% Muslim crowd includes a large amount of belligerent bullies intent on a cowardly abuse of  the infidels that are heavily outnumbered and who dare to speak freely.
It has been noted that even the regular small police presence there does not deter the radical bully boys from assaulting innocent speakers, and repeat offenders such as one nicknamed Rat Boy have become emboldened and blatant in their disregard of the law and peoples right to free speech and carry on every week without arrest. This cannot be allowed to happen!
Infuriated by yet another example of two tiered policing and appeasement of radical Muslims, a group of patriots last Sunday 21st October decided to make a statement and visit Speakers Corner to speak freely about the negative aspects of Islamic ideology.  Obviously there was the possibility of confrontation or violence from the radical Islamist’s and the police were tipped off so they had to mount an operation that could contain what they thought might be the attendance of  100’s of pissed off patriots looking for a fight
On the day only around 15 patriots managed to enter the park after the police mounted a major operation to stop them entering speakers corner, some lads were surrounded by police in a pub and not allowed to move into the park, others were handcuffed and detained without any cause, one innocent veteran was handcuffed by a Muslim riot cop! The police literally handcuffed a man who wanted to defend our freedoms at speakers corner another example of two tier policing as not one Muslim was arrested despite the fact that some of them were threatening to behead the patriots!
Once the fantastic fifteen had entered the park the mission was a huge success as over 200 police were shipped in to make sure there was no major violent disorder, obviously at a huge cost to their overtime budget, the radicals kicked off sort of, they surrounded and shouted threats and insults at the patriots who stood their ground and though heavily outnumbered by police and Muslims showed no fear which certainly rattled the radicals, they must be thinking if fifteen of them are ready to take us on what will 200 or 2000 do?
The hope is of course that if every week a group of like minded patriots turn up to make a similar statement, then the police will eventually start to do their job and make Speakers Corner a safe place for everyone including Christians, Sikhs and women. See you there next week?


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