Tommy Robinson trial, photos, videos and that statement.

Well you must have had your head well buried in the sand today if you didn’t hear about the latest trial date of Tommy Robinson.
Stage, sound system, speakers shipped in from around the world including Ezra Levant from Canada’s Rebel Media, Jewish activist Avi Yemeni all the way from Australia, as well as veterans RB Inman, Norman McGuigan and a host of others including UKIP leader Gerard Batten.
I think never before has London’s highest Criminal Court had such a carnival taking place outside its doors for a defendant on trial. Wow strange times indeed and will surely be in the history books in years to come.

The outcome was something of a success as the judge was bewildered by the complexity of Tommy’s statement and evidence he presented to the court, and he must of thought sod this, I am not going to risk the good name of my court with this load of baloney, and he has bounced it back to the government’s legal department – the Attorney General, to decide how they are going to dig themselves out this mess they created.
Tommy’s statement to the court…..
The usual pathetic turnout of counter protesters were vocal, albeit completely drowned out by the supporters at Tommy’s demo when they had hoped that he was going to prison, “we want Tommy down, we want Tommy down” but the loony pensioners trudged dejectedly off when Tommy returned triumphantly to the stage just before lunch free to fight another day, to much derision from Tommy’s supporters. Life can be sweet sometimes.
 So what’s next? The Attorney General (the GOVERNMENT! ) is to decide if they wish to prosecute. They have broken laws during his trial and unlawful imprisonment, have mentally and physically tortured the man in solitary confinement and are continuing to drag him through months and months of stress as they continually adjourn for yet another date. Enough is enough, they need to stop persecuting Tommy for political reasons. Can they not see from the support outside court that people in this country have had enough of this dictatorship! 
Below is a selection of photo’s and videos of the noisy and jubilant crowd that came to show their support of Tommy and anger at the governments malpractice and abuse of power.
20 past 9 in the morning, Tommy calls out main stream media
We Are Soldier X
Tommy arrives at the Old Bailey to a heroes welcome
Tommy giving thanks after his trial is referred to the Attorney
Tommy gives it to the main stream media whores


Richard Inman tells us Tommy should be knighted

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