Wetherspoons exposed! Outrageous treatment of blind veteran for wearing a poppy.

Following the outrageous event at Wetherspoons Knights Templar pub in Chancery Lane on Tuesday this week where a blind PTSD suffering and decorated veteran, accompanied by his assistance dog was unceremoniously chucked out for various reasons including “your dog might attack other customers”, “you’re wearing a poppy” and “you look like a Tommy Robinson supporter”, the management even refused a drink of water for the beautiful assistance dog, incensed veteran and champion of PTSD suffering fellow veterans Norman McGuigan made a visit to Wetherspoons Headquarters in Watford to demand answers to the nasty behaviour of one of their flagship pub landlords and at the same time try to get to the bottom of the pub chain’s much maligned policy regarding not serving customers wearing poppies, and their support in general of the annual RBL poppy appeal.

“IT’S DISGUSTING” Blind Veteran KICKED OUT of Wetherspoons ‘Because He Supported Tommy Robinson’


When we arrived we were told there is no PR department available unless booked in advance, but when Stormin’ Norman let them know we would be going nowhere until we were seen then a rather contrite in-house solicitor agreed to see us. Upon listening to Normans description of events the previous day and how some of Normans friends had recently been denied service for wearing poppy’s and carrying a poppy bag in another outlet, she agreed that the treatment was not acceptable and not in line with pub policy and told us that they would perform an investigation and view any cctv footage. She also told us that Wetherspoons are fully supportive of the Poppy appeal and tried to prove that by pointing to the box of poppys on their reception counter.  In fairness there was not much more that could be done at that exact moment so we upped and left after being giving some contact details scribbled on a scrap of paper. She did say she would be in touch….
Outside the front entrance we were just filming Norman give a brief summary of the meeting when the solicitor appeared again and told us to get off their property! Charming treatment again!
Well if you want to pick a fight with a British veteran then you’re a daft twat because you pick on one and you pick on all. Norman then insisted we take the fight to a local Wetherspoons pub in Watford High Street to further investigate if the company does support the RBL and its historic poppy appeal. Well you can see from the following videos that there is something of an inconsistency with their claims of supporting the poppy.
Norman McGuigan outside Wetherspoons HQ before going in.
No poppy’s! Norman McGuigan visits Wetherspoons pub Watford high street.   https://youtu.be/vTRc6sGfrPs
Norman outside after stormin Wetherspoons HQ

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