RMT’s Steve Headley exposed

Please read RMTs Steve Headley’s facebook rant about the DFLA first before reading our response:


I think that my favourite quote of all time has to be by Dr Martin Luther King who said, “We must come to see, that the end we seek, is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscious. That will be a day not of the black man, nor of the white man, but man as man.”

For me, this is the epitome of the DFLA saying “Against All Extremism”

I believe that with all my heart and it is something that drives me to this day.

So you may have an idea in where I come from on this, because if we are truly against all extremism, that means tackling the extremism within ourselves, and within others, wherever it rears its prejudiced head.

A recent article came to me, written by Steve Headley. You would think that an educated man would make valid points and actually offer a few insights into ways forward. However, his article was simply a hate filled rant with major points lacking evidence. Indeed, it was insulting and being an avid admirer of Plato I instantly thought, “this man has lost the debate already.

Steve began his missive claiming that the DFLA were circulating a video demonising Islam.

Now I would like to challenge Steve on this and ask for proof. Otherwise you are just lying Mr Headley. Where as I can and will put up pictures of you in the company of people giving  nazi salutes and posing with Nazi memorabilia and being anti-semitic, can you post proof of this video you claim is being circulated? If not, why did you not?

Surely, if it is the RMT circulating the video, as you claim, then what does that say about your members? Are you accusing us or your members of being islamaphobic and racist?

As a bit of decorum and professional courtesy, this should have been dealt with internally and not plastered all over your Facebook page?

I wonder how your members feel being accused the same way you accuse us?

Amateurish at best Mr Headley, the actions of a person who is just seeking attention and has no proof at all.

We will address your points as they come up and raise questions about your ability to represent, without prejudice and racism, the working class man of this country.

1: Mr Headley mocks the DFLA and questions our credibility. What he does not see is the man in the mirror, the reflection staring back at him, the girlfriend punching bully who accused his partner of being ugly, mentally ill and went on to patronise and make stereotypical comments against another, trying use a class prejudice against her.

Mr Headley makes the assumption that we cannot be anti-extremist as we have ex BNP and EDL amongst us.

Well if we accept this Logic we will also have to accept that Mr Headley is a woman beater and will never change. He is a racist who will never change and a lover of Nazi weapons.



Steve actually lied that he had been cleared of domestic violence, yet the following article openly refutes this:


Great picture of Steven there that shows how confused he is, communist badged hat whilst holding the German MP44, a favoured weapon of 1st LSSAH. (Leiberstandarte, Hitler bodyguard.)

(see above)

He has been seen having a rant and rave against zionists and Israel even using the same body language of Hitler.


So Steven Headley is a liar who openly attacks others for their beliefs whilst displaying a belief more extreme. Is this a balanced person?

Unlike Steve, who cannot back up his claims of a video or members sharing it (he is relying on hearsay evidence) I can back up my claims of him being a racist and a woman beater.

Did Steve put up any evidence of a racist issue within the RMT?

No he did not.

So based on above evidence, it is clear that this racist abuser of women is lying.

Don’t think that it is just the “right wing” who know the level of threat this racist carries:


In her excellent article Julia Downes confronts the violence some men of the left inflict upon the women amongst them, including rape and abuse:


Kind of explains why Steve opposes those who oppose rape.

I need produce no more evidence. Using Steve Headley logic he has been hung by his own petard.

As Jesus claims: you shall be judged with the same level of judgement you judge others with.

There is no place in society for such abuse of women.

But can people change and become different people?

Yes they can, and more often than not do. From ex gang members who now work tirelessly preventing crime on the streets involved in local communities, to ex addicts and alcoholics who hold together families and jobs. It seems it’s our own prejudice that prevents them. I have a very good friend who used to be an extremist. He is now married to a lovely girl (not English) and mixed race children. People can and do change.

2: Steven Headley now attacks our ideals on free speech. He claims he was attacked for using free speech by members of the DFLA. This was clearly not the case Mr Headley. It is well known by those there that you played a large role in starting the violence. Your insults and glares may have worked well against women, but against men you came unstuck.

Freedom of speech, and I say this to any, does not mean you can insult, it does not mean you yell at people as you did Mr Headley.  Again we look at your own actions on this Steven. Watch that YouTube video again where you are shouting down your opponent with your racist language, in fact if you listen carefully you will hear someone saying you should calm down. However, you do not. You continue to try and shout. That is not displaying a value of free speech. So once again your actions are at odds with your personal life.

3: (The author of this article has his own personal views on Tommy Robinson and is making these points based on fact and without prejudice.)

Steve now sets his sights on Tommy Robinson using the age old methodology of guilt through association. Whilst the DFLA have made it clear that not all Muslims are bad and Tommy Robinson is not a member of the DFLA, Mr Headley makes no such claims in his tar brushing of the DFLA. Mr Headley states that the DFLA make claims that Tommy Robinson has exposed Paedophiles. He then goes on to come up with one single example and uses an emotional plea based on a “What if” scenario. Once again this is lacking insight and facts and nothing more than blind prejudice. The defendants were already found guilty and were being sentenced. The information Robinson gave out was on the BBC website.

I would like to go back to a point of law Mr Headley, “innocent until proven guilty”

To date Robinson has not been found guilty of this charge you play on. So are you not possibly using your position to influence court proceedings and public views? Is that not contempt of court, for that is what you accuse Mr Robinson of doing?

You did the same thing with your ex partner, accusing her of being mentally ill, of getting facts wrong. You coerced colleagues to cajole her into giving up her accusations. Interesting is it not how Steven is the very thing he claims to despise and does what he condemns in others?

It is interesting though to note that for all his efforts on the rape gang culture, the Labour Party and Labour councils covered it all up. Whilst many will refute the claims of Robinson in regards to exposing paedophiles, there can be no such refuting that Labour have attempted to cover up the rape and abuse of children. Jeremy Corbyn himself in protecting paedophiles and allowing child porn films to be made in his constituency. The Labour Council gave jobs to leading members of PIE (Peadophile Information Exchange) working with children. In his excellent open letter to Jeremy Corbyn Jon Mann MP openly challenged Corbyn on these issues. The full article can be found here:


So Steven Headley will complain about the DFLA and Tommy Robinson protesting against Paedophiles but then joins a party that has a leader that was complicit in the cover up of child rape and sexual assaults. Indeed, Councils covered the abuse and rape, Labour MPs covered up the abuse, left wing BBC covered up abuse, the SWP with Martin Smith (comrade Delta) raping their way happily through their members. In fact if we look back at Julia Downes article we can see that abuse and violence is common place amongst men on the left.

Steve Headley and the Labour Party, a match made in heaven? They have the same ethos toward abuse of women and rape of children.

4: In his next point Mr Headley must be close with the money shot in his mind, he makes the absurd claim: “They claim Muslims are overwhelmingly to blame for child abuse.This is a lie government statistics clearly show that the vast majority of child abuse ,including that peretrated in christian churches, have nothing to do with muslims.”

Again Mr Headley has no proof of this alleged claim. However, what the DFLA did do was put up newspaper articles based on the qwilliam report about the rape gangs. Mr Headley also distorts lines between rape gangs and Paedophiles. Whilst many peadophiles operate singularly and not in gangs what is factual is that 84% of those involved in rape gangs were Muslim. So Mr Headley, if it is the left wing papers making claims about Muslims and we are merely repeating the headlines, who is misleading?

In fact Mr Headley I challenge you. You stated that all perpetrators of such crimes should be treated equally and brought to justice. Does that include you for violently assaulting your ex? Did she make you look small so you resorted to violence, did she out think you and prove you wrong, or did you feel emotionally insecure and lash out?

No excuses, face the justice you demand on others Steven. Hand yourself in and confess your crime. Live to the levels you demand to be placed on others. To do otherwise is the prime example of an immoral person.

Another challenge for you Steven: what was the date you first put up that all peadophiles should be treated equally in the eyes of the law?

Because I know for a fact the DFLA put this up before you.

Will Steven answer this challenge and at least gain some credibility or will he avoid the challenge?

We await with baited breath.

5: In his final point of the day Mr Headley mentions Tommy Robinson again. To be honest I am getting fed up with Stevens Proxy pen-pal relationship with Tommy Robinson, can’t you two get a room?

I was totally baffled by Mr Headley and his final point as he has lost any pretence of rationality:

“The DFLA and the Tommy Robinson supporers want to scapegoat people for all the ills in our society.” (using Mr Headley spelling in all quotes)

We are people Mr Headley. Are you saying we are blaming ourselves?

That makes no sense Mr Steven.

Unlike your accusation that your own members are islamophobic and racist we try and look at things logically.

If you say the DFLA are racist and islamophobic and hate filled for sharing a video then you are publicly saying your members of RMT are the same. Your logic is being applied here Steven.

You mention and condemn an alleged member of the DFLA for burning an effigy of the Grenfell tower. You claim that they are a card carrying member of the Tory party. Once again we have to raise our concerns about such spurious claims. You make this claim without any evidence, you make this claim knowing you are without factual proof. This shows how you view your readers, mere sheep who you expect to believe anything you say. Now I will condemn those who carried out the Grenfell effigy fire, it was piss poor and deserves full condemnation. However Mr Headley will you equally condemn the Labour Party member who was complicit in the murder of those in the Tower and deprives a homeless person of a home and with whom you shared a platform with this year?

Again Mr Headley we can back up our claim with factual evidence.

Burning a effigy is one thing, but actually being complicit in the murder is another thing.

Emma Dent Coed was part of the scrutiny committee that approved the cladding on Grenfell tower.


So if you feel a level of hatred for an “alleged” member of the DFLA (something you have no proof of) who burnt an effigy of Grenfell? Where is your hatred and anger at one of your own who approved the cladding that killed innocent people?

It’s not there is it Steve?

Bit hypocritical of you and SUTR to condemn and snarl about burning an effigy, when you allow one of the actual murderers to stand with you on a platform.

Surely it’s not there Steve?

You know why? Because you are an extremist. In every point you raised you cannot see that you are worse, proven to be so.

You spew your hatred and prejudice at others whilst blithely ignoring your own racism, your own class prejudice, your own stereotyping of people.

You join a party that covers paedophilia, and hate those who expose peadophiles.

You scream for justice, yet run from the justice due to you.

You call us hate filled, yet your rant is full of hate.

You attack those who burn an effigy of Grenfell Tower yet share a platform with one of those who provided the material to kill the actual people in the Tower.

Finally you claim that the DFLA are against everything you stand for.

Using this warped logic and evidence provided we can see that everything we are against is what you are for.

The DFLA are against violence toward women.

You must be for violence toward women (your own actions justify this statement)

The DFLA are against Paedophiles.

This means you must be for peadophile rape gangs. (again you joined a party that actively covered up rape of children from councillors to leaders) so this statement is justified by your own actions and uses your own guilt by association logic.

The DFLA are against extremism. You must be for extremism. Again this statement is justified using your logic and views.

So you are for violence toward women as the DFLA oppose such cowardly acts.

You are for peadophiles as we are against them.

You are an extremist, as we are against Extremism.

You hate people who burn an effigy of Grenfell tower yet share a platform with one of those who orchestrated the murder of those poor souls.

Look at yourself Mr Hedley.

The only person accusing you is you through your own words.

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