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Prisoner Melanie Shaw ‘started four fires in her cells over four months’, court hears

Monday October 16th 2018

A female prisoner who repeatedly started fires in her cells blamed one of them on a non-existent woman, a court heard.

Melanie Shaw, who has been deemed unfit to stand trial, allegedly started four fires in her cells over four months.

The court heard that when the 48-year-old emerged from her single-occupancy cell in the segregation unit of HMP New Hall, she blamed the latest fire on a woman called Lorraine. Continue reading Prisoner Melanie Shaw ‘started four fires in her cells over four months’, court hears

Spanish bishops create commission to combat child sex abuse

MADRID – Spain’s bishops have set up a commission on child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, in preparation for meeting next year called by Pope Francis to cope with a spreading sexual abuse crisis.

Facing scandals in the United States, Chile, Australia and Germany, among others, Francis has summoned the heads of the national Catholic bishops’ conference to a meeting in the Vatican in February.

The Spanish group, made up of church lawyers, will start work this week to prepare material for the meeting, the national bishops’ conference said in a statement on Tuesday.

Next on the group’s agenda will be updating the protocol on how cases of child sexual abuse are treated and writing new rules to replace the current code, which was established in 2010. Continue reading Spanish bishops create commission to combat child sex abuse


Dear Reverend Howson,

Greetings brother in the name of our one true Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the way the truth and the light.

On the 15th of September, Saturday, I attended the March for women and children against rape in Sunderland.

I read the article in the Sunderland Echo regards the march and was surprised at the bias it showed against the marchers.

I read on and was even more surprised at your words in the article : Reverend Chris Howson from Sunderland Minster, who was part of the counter demonstration, said: “I’m very disappointed that a number of far-right people marched through our city and tried to cause trouble. There’s no room for these people in our city. I’m glad it’s ended safely.” Continue reading AN OPEN LETTER TO THE REVEREND CHRIS HOWSON: SUNDERLAND MINSTER

Response to feminist media article targeting DFLA

Here at the DFLA bunker it is a hive of activity as we gear up for Sunderland on the 15th. I walk into the office and hang up my bowler hat and brolly and sit at my desk. Pigeons are flying in through every window, bringing messages in from far and wide, various admins contacting HQ, Group messages flying to various regions. It’s all go! There is the secret knock on my floor boards. I pull it up, a little furry face looks up at me, it’s Miranda the mole. No words just a nod, and a salute, I am handed a sheet of paper and Miranda goes back out into the field. I sigh. No wonder why, with our messenger pigeons and moles, people claim that the DFLA are up in the air and underground. Continue reading Response to feminist media article targeting DFLA

Child sexual exploitation and gang grooming

rochdale headline

The DFLA supports towns and groups across the UK that are suffering from or fighting against the disease of gang grooming. This disgusting cultural phenomena has been systematically covered up for decades by mainly Labour councils and their police stooges in the hope of retaining their Muslim block vote and remain politically correct, showing complete cowardliness with their fear that they may be deemed to be racist for tackling a problem where children are groomed, raped, trafficked, tortured and even killed by gangs that are made up of predominately Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslim men. Continue reading Child sexual exploitation and gang grooming

Justice For Our Boys

our boys

Fighting For Justice
Fighting For Justice·Wednesday, June 27, 2018
In January this year , our boys Josh, Harry and George were mowed down and murdered on their way to a friends 16th birthday party. Ever since that day, we have had to fight the corrupt establishment, who have concealed the truth away from all of you. If you have read and listened to the mainstream media, and you didn’t know about Fighting For Justice, then you would of probably believed their lies about what took place that night. We don’t want our children, to become your children. So this is our story.. Continue reading Justice For Our Boys

Demo – Justice 4 the women and children of Sunderland 4th August 2018

Red Pill Phil does us proud again today with his video coverage of the demo in Sunderland. Organisers Tasha,  Dayni, Sharon, Cath, Sunderland DFLA leaders Keith and Jason, and their wider team done Sunderland proud as well in committing to this, bravely putting themselves out there, and pulling together speakers and supporters from all over the country to attend today.
Speakers included Toni Bugle of MARIAS organisation, who is a seasoned campaigner against sexual abuse and an unsung hero that has been supporting victims and survivors for years. Continue reading Demo – Justice 4 the women and children of Sunderland 4th August 2018

DFLA Demo#1 Birmingham 24th March 2018

Birmingham and it’s the first major demo by the newly formed DFLA. Supporting Justice 4 the 21 campaign, the DFLA and Veterans Against Terrorism combined to create a crowd of 5000 people, including veterans from the elderly Ghurkha regiment who were cheered as they approached the stage area by all the respectful football lads in attendance from across the country.

Well done to everyone for making the day a huge success.